Ever wanted to know how to make your own cocktails?


Ever wondered how to make an Espresso Martini, what goes into a Smokey Old Fashioned or how to make the perfect Lychee Martini? Well now you can!

At the Creativity Project Cocktail Making Classes you’ll learn the art of mixology from our team of skilled bartenders. It is the perfect activity for your next team building activity, special occasion or party. Get your hands messy and see how the experts really do it and then get to try them out for yourself!

Our team of skilled bartenders have experience from all across the world. We bring you all the essentials, including; infused spirits, fruits, smoking machine and bar equipment. You will even get to choose what cocktails you want to create from our list of delicious recipes.

The Bar set-up


We bring the bar to you, literally. Our Tommy’s Mobile Cocktail Bar can be assembled pretty much anywhere and has everything you need to create the perfect cocktail. It’s made from recycled wood and looks great in every location.

The Knowledge


Our team of experienced bartenders will give you an insight into the world of mixology, how to prepare for making your drinks and how to create them. You’ll learn about the bar equipment, creating syrups, different flavours, how to use a smoking machine and of course how to shake like a pro.

Be Prepared


Getting prepared for your cocktail making is one of the key elements. Participants will take turns to prepare the ingredients and garnish, with help from our skilled bartenders. This includes everything from cutting fruit, blending fruit or painting the glasses with syrup.

Get Creative


When it’s time to create your masterpiece, participants will take turns working behind the bar and preparing the cocktails for others to try. You’ll be guided and given feedback by our team of bartenders, to make sure you’re making only the best cocktails. Food will also be available to snack on throughout the class.


To mark your achievement we can create a certificate for all participants, on request. You can then show off to everyone that you are the master at making cocktails, even if it’s only a few.

To find out more and to book your Creativity Project Cocktail Making Class contact info@creativityproject.com.au

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