Winter is here


Winter is in full swing and we often swap nights out for nights in and find ourselves rugged up at home avoiding the cold. In winter we have to adapt our cocktail menu to suit the season. We often consume heavier, stronger drinks to warm up our body like Negronis, Old Fashioned, Martinis or straight spirits like rum and cognac. 


Winter time is a great opportunity to host an indoor cocktail party or even a cocktail masterclass?

Being cozy at home with your friends, is the best way to enjoy the party on a cold and rainy night. Why not add some delicious snacks with your drinks and enjoy the ultimate Creativity Project experience in the comfort of your own home. 


Get in touch with us to discover all our new winter recipes and make your own custom cocktail menu with our head mixologist. What’s our favourite winter cocktail? A delicious and creamy Alexander with Brandy, cream and crème de cacao.

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