The Tommy's Mobile Cocktail Bar


When we started this business, we struggled to find a quality mobile bar to hire to take to our events. Every bar we used wasn’t quite right and had something missing. So our Founder Denis Gambino, who has been in the bar-tending business for more than 10 years, designed one himself.

Every feature and detail of the design has been carefully crafted with the discerning customer and mixologist in mind. It offers the ultimate, high quality centrepiece for your next event.

The Tommy’s Mobile Cocktail Bar is the perfect addition to your next cocktail event and it’s now available to hire.  


The bar is built with recycled Baltic pine floor boards salvaged from Sydney houses, built in the early 1900s, that were demolished for the West Connects Motorway. The varnished finish gives it a unique and quality look. It comes flat packed, meaning we can transport it easily to any venue and assemble it in just two minutes.  It can cater a party of up to 150 people, with two cocktail stations for two mixologists.

The bar features three storing shelves for 180 glasses, meaning we’ll never run out. It also features a sink to hold the ice and syrups and spirits can be easily stored in the racks on the top and at the back of the bar.

Check out how easy it is to assemble in the video on the mobile bar page.

You can add any of our cocktail packages to Tommy’s Mobile Cocktail Bar.

Get in touch with us to book Tommy’s Mobile Cocktail Bar for your next cocktail event.

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