Which recipes should you choose for your cocktail party?

Choosing the right cocktail recipes for your event is an important decision. You will have different people there with different tastes and you need to make sure you have something that suits most people.

The season can influence what flavours you choose for your menu. We choose fruits that are in season, as these will always be the freshest. Check out your local farmers market to find out what’s in season and maybe try flavours you’ve never tried before.

We usually recommend our clients to have four different recipes for their cocktail menu. This is just the right amount of choice. Below are four of our go to ideas for a cocktail event, that are sure to keep the crowd happy.

1.  Aperitif

An aperitif is typically served before a meal and is the perfect way to start your party. One of our favourite aperitifs is a Pimms cocktail. It’s not too strong and not to sweet. You can garnish it with fresh fruits and serve in a wine glass.


2. Tropical cocktail

Our second favourite cocktail is a tiki style drink. The sweet and sour juicy flavours will transport guests back to that last tropical dream holiday they had. Serve in a highball glass or tiki style glass to give that island touch.


3. The Martini

Over the years the martinis have become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages. Our favourite is the twist of the martini, garnished with fresh dehydrated fruits, egg white froth or dragon fruit. Serve in a martini or coupette glass with beautiful colours.


4. The Espresso Martini

A sweet, dessert cocktail is the perfect way to finish your event and is often the espresso martini is often the most sought after cocktail at any event. Why not try a twist of the original with chocolate and a biscuit rimmed glass.


Want the professionals to create a menu for you? Contact us and speak with our head mixologist to create your cocktail menu.

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